Introducing Megan – Our Marketing Associate

Megan - Marketing Associate for Feel Good Do Good

Hiya! Megan here, Feel Good Do Good’s Marketing Associate and this is my first blog post for Feel Good Do Good. Excited, yes. Nervous, most definitely. But, what better place to start than an introduction to me, my work and my experience, so far, at Feel Good Do Good.

Wish me luck, here goes;

So, before we dive into the nitty-gritty here is a bit of background about me. 


In 2019, I graduated from University with a BA Honours in Fashion Marketing and Branding. My studies have provided me with fundamental knowledge regarding the principles of marketing and brand strategy specifically within the fashion and lifestyle industries. During this time I also developed significantly as a creative partly due to the visual emphasis of the course (basically translating to; my reports had to look pretty) and more importantly due to the embedding of creative thinking into my strategic solutions. Admittedly, the latter,  was not always easy (anything worthwhile never is, right?), but it was hands down the most important skill I acquired throughout my University experience. Actually that and how to use a washing machine (sorry it took so long mum). 


The next stop on my marketing journey was the completion of a marketing internship at a local art gallery. Now, I must confess as someone who struggles drawing a stickman (I’m not being dramatic either when I say that) I knew very little of the art world upon the start of the internship, but what I did know is that I loved a challenge and that this would be exactly that. I was right it certainly was, but I loved it. As the gallery operated as a social enterprise it meant that my role as a Marketing Intern was extremely versatile. There was no such thing as a  typical day, I would go from managing the gallery’s Instagram account to jumping on a ladder and filling in holes on the wall, both skills I hope will benefit me for a long time to come. 

My top three skills gained from this internship included;

  1. Content creation. Specifically for social media and press releases
  2. Adaptability
  3. The art of dressing for the cold. Context; the gallery was absolutely freezing.

My Work at Feel Good Do Good.

As a Marketing Associate, I complete a variety of marketing-related tasks which differ week to week depending on the overall goals for Feel Good Do Good. So, let me breakdown exactly what that entails;

What I have worked on in the past?

Since joining the Feel Good Do Good team in September I have worked on several market research tasks. These have included; an in-depth competitor analysis across all areas of Feel Good Do Good’s operations, which also incorporated a detailed exploration into each competitors’ social media. Additional research into existing companies environmental and wellbeing policies and even an investigation into the best SEO practises to use within Feel Good Do Good’s future content. The insights gathered from such research has then informed the pathway for future projects, for instance, the creation of Feel Good Do Good’s marketing communication strategy. 

The formation of Feel Good Do Good’s marketing communication strategy was a project I collaborated on with Jen. It was a great project where we combined our knowledge and insights (my research and Jen’s real-life experiences) to produce a clear concise comms strategy. But now it was time for the truly exciting bit and something which I have never previously experienced, bringing the strategy to life (a memorable moment for any budding marketeer I must say)! This was such a fun challenge, with so much to do and so many ideas floating around my motto for this next stage was collect, collate and create (admittedly I may have gone slightly spreadsheet mad in the process, but preparation is key after all!). The realisation of the comms strategy has involved numerous elements such as the creation of a content catalogue, further research into hashtags, setting up Feel Good Do Good’s social media accounts, and the generation of a content calendar. Basically, all systems go, go, go!

In addition to these tasks, I have also continually been working on branding all of Feel Good Do Good’s existing policies, training templates and strategies inline with Feel Good Do Good’s brand guidelines (ie. making everything look pretty and scream all things FGDG, it brings me so much joy to do this I won’t lie).

What am I working on now?

Well, since the launch of Feel Good Do Good’s social media (yay, go us!) I have been focused on all things content. The content creation is something I have experienced previously, however, I have never been so involved throughout the entirety of the process and I think I may (definitely) have fallen in love with it. I work on content from its initial idea generation and planning all the way through to publication, meaning I am always learning and tweaking elements as I go in order to get the best results possible. In between actually producing the content that you see on our socials, I am also always on the search for fascinating articles and reports which will be of interest to our Feel Good Do Good followers. Honestly, it is fascinating and as an avid learner, I am loving every second. 

Recently, I have also begun producing content outside of Feel Good Do Good’s socials and shifting focus on to the blog (literally, this very blog I am writing). Although this is somewhat outside of my comfort zone I am finding it all very exciting, so make sure to stay tuned because there are a lot of great things to come, my spreadsheet says so. 

Jen Lowthrop and Megan - Feel Good Do Good

My experience at Feel Good Do Good.

In the whirlwind of a year that 2020 has been my experience at Feel Good Do Good has been my saving grace and here are the five reasons why;

  1. Honesty.
    I am talking brutal honesty, not mean just straight to the point. Communication of this type I have found so helpful throughout my time at Feel Good Do Good, because if something isn’t working we solve it before it even becomes a problem. It’s a proactive way of operating and has definitely aided my development.
  2. Kindness.
    From the very first moment I was introduced to the Feel Good Do Good team, I have been met with nothing but kindness.  As a worrier by nature, a supportive environment such as this puts me instantly at ease and provides me with the confidence I need to throw myself into my work and do the best I possibly can.

    I mean just look at my Feel Good Do Good welcome pack,  it really is the small things that make all the difference.
  3. Fun.
    How can a workplace which has a Chief Snuggle Officer not be fun, it literally can’t. Cookie is the cutest pooch out there and honestly, makes my day even if that is virtually on Zoom. So, thank you Cookie for making my time at Feel Good Do Good so special.

    The fun doesn’t stop at Cookie though, no day at Feel Good Do Good is ever boring as happiness is never far away. Usually in the form of a pack of Cadbury’s Fingers (PSA, if you haven’t tried them already the Fabulous Fingers are divine).
  4. Creativity.
    Convention, what’s that? Nothing about Feel Good Do Good is conventional and that is what I love. From how the business operates, to the team, to the work which we produce everything is underpinned by creativity and it’s such an inspiring environment to be part of.
  1. Impactful.
    Not to be dramatic or a cringe, but honestly Feel Good Do Good has changed my life. It has been a tricky time for us all but Feel Good Do Good has been the light at the end of my 2020 tunnel and I couldn’t be more thankful. My experience has allowed me to reignite my passion for marketing and provided me with the opportunity to learn so many new things enabling me to develop both professionally and on a personal level.

3 Things That Make Me Feel Good

  1. Being outside in the countryside. Rain or shine, the countryside will always be my happy place.
  2. Live music (remember that), to me there is no better feeling than hearing that first thud at a gig.
  3. Documentaries. I am just a geek and love to learn about new things, people and places. My latest obsession is Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’, I would definitely recommend a watch.

3 Ways I Do Good

  1. I love completing random acts of kindness. In my eyes a small gesture goes a long way.
  2. Regularly donate to my local food bank. Times are really difficult and I will help in whatever way I can.
  3. By always using my reusable water bottle. It is tiny in the grand scheme of things and I strive to do better, but we must all do our bit to save this wonderful world we call home.

So there we go, that’s me, my work and time at Feel Good Do Good in a nutshell. How did I do for my first blog post, be sure to let me know? And don’t forget to sign up to Feel Good Do Good’s newsletter and follow us on socials for more exciting content.

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